Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Very Busy Day

Today was very busy for me and my Mommy. We had some running around to do today and I had my feeding group "Snack Attack" and a PT. My Mommy couldn't take pictures of the feeding group today because she forgot the camera. She did take a picture of my in my new special chair from Physiotherapy today. This chair is supposed to help me like to sit better. I am doing GREAT at standing and holding on to things but I really hate sitting. My legs are strong but my upper body has low tone. After my PT session I am always sooooo sweaty!! Hilda really gives me a workout.


Auntie Robin said...

Evie, I am so very jealous of your new chair I would love one for work!!! So soon you will be sitting all on your own with all the hard work mommy and you keep doing. Love ya! Owen and Olivia xoxo you lots.
Auntie Robin

Ruby said...

Hey Little Princess, I love your new physio chair you can sit up without tilting you head and your tootsie can touch the floor. Do you know you are doing all kinds of things that big girls do? Oh Evie, I love you too, tooo, much I would just love to hug you and give you lots of kisses right now. You are making your Mommy and Daddy very happy with all the good things that is coming from hard work. Keep up the good work and please ask Mommy & Daddy to give you extra hugs and sloppy kisses from me. Love you Princess, Aage.

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