Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wow My Mommy let a Year go by

Ok, so a whole year has passed since my Mom last posted on here but let me tell you it was worth the wait. We knew we had to post big after such a long time so here it is. WALKING!!!! Can you believe it? I am so proud of myself. For the first few times I would start laughing I thought it was so funny. Now I walk everywhere around the house and preschool! Here is a video from my first week of walking. ***Please ignore my mom's annoying voice

I hope you all had a great year and I promise to try to post more regularly on here. We had a pretty good year. I had my adenoids out but still am dealing with a pretty bad case of sleep apnea. We are looking at some solutions for that. Also we start Jr. Kindergarten this year and Mommy and Daddy are super excited.
Promise to update you more soon,

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New walker

A few weeks ago I received my brand new walker. I just love it!!! I am not so great at steering it at the moment so mommy got them to order a bar in the back to help me steer when needed (like on a toddler's bike.) I was so excited to walk in to my class with it and all of the kids were really interested with it. I am the only kid with special needs in my class and all my classmates are so great!!

Valentine's Day

Hello Everyone. I have not been able to update for quite a long time. We have been very busy this year so far. I have started preschool and was very excited to participate in the Valentine's Day celebration. We made our Valentine's this year because my Mommy would like me to understand crafts. At school I do not participate willingly at craft time and it is something we would really like to see improve.

Also, this year was my very first haircut at a real big girl salon!! My hair was getting so long and I really was not enjoying the process of combing it out everyday (really... why my Mom insisted on it, I have no idea?) I wish I could post a super cute picture of me there. I was sitting in a cute pink hummer salon chair and zebra stripe cape. However.... my behavior was a little ... temper-mental. Mommy does have pictures of the occasion, I am just crying in most of them. (Mommy said the hairdresser was a saint and really earner her money that day) Hopefully I will come to enjoy the moment in the future.
Lastly, This Valentine's day was also my Mommy and Daddy's 5th wedding anniversary. As usual, they kept it simple and just ate a delicious heart shaped pizza for diner. They started this tradition the first year I was born and was in the hospital that year's Valentine's day and have ordered one every year since. Simple yet Yummy!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Computer Issues

Hello Everyone in Blogland,

We are having some computer issues. Hopefully we will get them solved soon because we have lots of pictures and news to tell, such as my first day of nursery school and my first big girl haircut!!!

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Discovery Museum,Holidays, and 1st day of Nursery School

Hello Everyone. I sure hope you all had a happy Holiday season. WOW... it's been a while since I wrote on here. I guess my promise to post weekly wasn't kept. I am truly sorry about that but with all of the holiday excitement the days seemed to fly by.

I was lucky enough to travel to Tennessee to see my Aage and Opa right before Christmas. I had so much fun there and I even got to go visit the Children's Discovery Museum. My Mom and Dad are so happy that I am now showing more interest in discovering my environment and how things work with in it.

We spent Christmas at home this year and had all of family over for dinner. It was loud and crazy and went by super fast. I was so fortunate to have 4 of my cousins to help me open all my presents. I received many amazing toys and cute outfits ... and most importantly new BOOKS, my favorite.

New Years was another holiday day at my house as we had my Aunts, Uncles and all my cousins over to celebrate Mommy and Auntie Robins 30th birthday on New Year's Eve.

Lastly, I would like to tell you that I believe 2010 will definitely be a GREAT year and full of many firsts that I am so excited for. On January 5th it was my first day of Preschool. It was really fun and I met lots of kids who are really great.

Happy New Year!!!

PS: Here are some pictures of me at the Discovery Museum:

Really cool pipes that made music.

My FAVORITE part of the museum. This was a touch screen that let you touch a color and then touch the part of the picture you wanted to color. I stayed at this station for a half hour before Daddy could drag me away.

the finished product.

I also liked this harp. I enjoyed feeling the vibrations after I strummed the strings.

The little kitchen was a perfect size and of course, just like home, I went straight for the fridge. I just live to get Mommy to open the fridge at home so I can see the mysterious light inside. Here I could do it all by myself!!

I was playing with this train set but I refused to get out of my stroller because I am weary of new places. ( I'm just a silly girl like that)

WATER!! These boats looked very fun. What a great place I wish we had one near our house.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Lights, Lights, LIGHTS!!!!

We have been having a beautiful November so far. The weather has been quite mild and because of this today Mommy and my Grandma brought me to the Festival of Lights in Niagara falls. It was so nice that we were able to get out and walk around a bit. I was in my Light Loving Heaven! Folks.... if you kiddos are like me and like lights, this is the place for you! On lookers probably thought I was crazy because I was stimming, giggling and moving myself like crazy on all the lighted goodness.

I could have stayed and watched this Ferris-wheel all day. Grandma and Mommy really wanted to see what the view would be like from up there but they didn't think I would sit still in my seat for the whole ride. Maybe next year...

They had beautiful horse-drawn carriages that were all lit up. This picture really does not do it justice because Mommy had to use the flash.

Here I am so excited... hands going like crazy.

We all liked this light the best. It was flashing so very fast. Here is Mommy and I posing away... Tyra Banks would be so disappointed in our skills.

Way back ... a long time ago ... when Grandma was little she lived far up north and her Daddy used to make her go hunting. She was apperantly quite the sharp shooter. (Although most of the time, being the true animal lover that she is, she would miss on purpose.)

This game was right up her alley, testing her sharp shooting skills without anything becoming hurt. She did quite well and a crowd stopped to watch.

Lastly, a pit stop. Grandma popped in and I was mesmerized like a true Canadian girl!! What a fun (and bright) evening.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween 2009

Lately, I have been having some minor tantrums about what I would like to wear in the morning. On the day this picture was taken my Mommy was putting away my clean clothes and I through a HUGE fit until I was allowed to wear the 2 shirts I wanted. Mommy thought my selection was pretty funny. What do you guys think? (Yep... that's a polka dot shirt with a yellow tank top over it)

We had another great Halloween this year. I was very luck to have my 2 cousins to go out with this year.

My cousin Owen with his friend Tallon (both as Anakin Skywalker - if this spelling is wrong... all you hardcore Star Wars fans will have to forgive me) walking in the Halloween Parade.

My cousin Olivia as a devil (quite fitting actually) and me as Piglet.

I went around with them all night and because I don't eat candy I was given this pretty cool light-up stick with a witch on it from my Grandma instead.

P.S. (Raised right hand) I promise to update this blog at weekly for the rest of the year! I know I've been a slacker lately...

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