Friday, June 13, 2008

Starting to Sit Better

Today was REALLY hot. It was sooooo hot I was sweating like crazy. I had big plans for today that included relaxing, playing with my dolly, relax, maybe nap, and then relax some more. My mommy had some other ideas.

My Mommy thought we should work on sitting today. I definitely did not enjoy this extra workout on such a hot day but I did my very best and do you know what? It paid off!!! I sat all by myself!!! I can only sit there for about 30 seconds each time but I'm getting there.


Grammazoo said...

You are doing GREAT Eve! Those are nice flowers you have there! I see you like them enought to sit up & play with them! Hurrah!

Ruby said...

Well my Princess, you have suerly come a long way Evie, is a big girl now Keep up the good work my darling and I have to say I love your pretty flowers.
Love you very much Princess when I see you I am going to give you a million hugs and sloppy kisses.
Love, Aage.

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