Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Snack Attack"

Today was the first day of my feeding group called "Snack Attack." It was lots of fun!!! Myself and four other kids that don't like to eat so much were allowed to get really messy with all types of food. My favorite was icing. We also played with Jello and Cheerios and used fun straws and Twizzlers in foil trays to make HUGE messes. I was the youngest and the only girl there but don't worry I fit right in with the messy boys (maybe even messier than them).

The group is supposed to encourage kids to play with food and explore different textures. Gradually our parents will put food on our face and in our mouth. I did this on my own today though. Hopefully by the end of the month I might be willing to try some on a spoon. I don't like spoons very much but today I did like licking the icing off my fingers and putting it all over my face and hair.

These pictures are from the first few minutes of the group. I was definitely covered head to toe by the end. We were colouring our paper with white icing. I had trouble seeing the white icing on the white paper but once it was on my hands I was quite curious about it. Mommy said she will take more pictures next week.


Grammazoo said...

Oh my goodness!! Evie you are adorable even covered in icing! You look pretty happy about the whole thing so I am glad you had fun today. And I am sure Mommy had lotsa fun at bath time too, eh Mommy?

claudia said...

Aaaaahhhwwww! Too cute, Evie! That does look like fun. I think Aidan will really enjoy that. But his Mommy won't....

Ruby said...

Oh my Little Princess, it gives me great pleasure to be able to see your cuteness, icining cover fingers and a dallop on your mouth too! I bet Sally is jelous she would like to share some of the sweetness you are now enjoying and I think you are now trying to count to ten. Your OPA thinks that is funny. Please ask your Mommy and Daddy to give you a big hug and a sloppy kiss from me.
Love you, Aage.

Ruby said...

Hello there my Little Princess, I was speaking with your Mommy on the telephone a few minutes ago at the same time I got my daily fix of some of the BEAUTIFUL SOUNDS coming from you however I still had to check out your cuteness I really, really love you Princess. Please ask Mommy and Daddy to give you my big hug and sloppy kiss.
Love you, Aage.

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