Sunday, June 8, 2008

Trip to Zooz

Yesterday was my first trip to Zooz. I met a parrot who I really liked and a turkey. Unfortunately I had trouble seeing most of the animals even when my Mommy and Daddy took me out of the stroller.

Mommy thought it would be funny to take a picture of me in a hippo's mouth. I did not think this was so funny!

Thank you to my mommy's work for the tickets. It was a fun time.


Ruby said...

Hi there my Little Princess, going to the zoo is a lot of fun I know you will enjoy it more as you get older you will even enjoy wearing your sunglasses. You know Evie, I think the turkey was having a bad hair day and what is it with the red rubber hanging around the face?? OOOH the parrot has pretty colours but I think the colours of your dress was just as pretty and the hippo well you showed it you got to sit in its mouth and take a picture I'll say you are a brave little girl. I love you my Little Princess you have a good sleep tonight. Love, Aage.

Grammazoo said...

Hi Eve!
I'm so happy that you went to Zooz with Mommy & Daddy! It's one of my favourite places! I hope you liked all the strange and wonderful animals. You can come & visit my strange & wonderful animals anytime too!
xxoo Grammazoo

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