Monday, November 17, 2008


Ok folks, please allow me to vent a little this morning....

Today the temperature is 2C. It is supposed to snow this afternoon. Because of this, my Mommy thought it would be a good idea to take me to the park before we could not go anymore. I did not think this was such a great idea!!

First, it was still sunny so I had to wear my sunglasses. BOO!!! I still don't love to wear them. Secondly, my Mommy thinks this hat was super cute. I did not. When she bought the hat it fit but now, with all my hair, it's a little small.

This trip to the park only lasted about 10 minutes and then I had enough! I think I'm going to hibernate inside this winter!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Morning Surprise!!

This morning, my Mommy woke up to a really strange sound, me yelling. I wasn't crying or upset, just babbling like normal only really, REALLY loud. My Mommy ran in my room to see what was going on and this is what she saw:

"Good Morning Mommy...look what I can do!!"

"Oh great.... mommy's taking a photo while I have bed-head"

She couldn't believe it!!! She has been waiting forever to walk into my room and have me standing there waiting to greet her "Good morning." Today it happened! I was just "yelling" at her to come and see me. When my mommy saw me she started screaming for my Daddy to wake up and come quick, who had a small heart attack until he saw why Mommy was yelling for him. It was all very exciting!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Optometrist Visit

Sorry about the delay in posting. I'll try to catch you all up. A few weeks ago I went and visited an Optometrist at the University of Waterloo. I must say that he is the best Doctor I have been to in regards to explaining diagnosis'. When we arrived he actually met us at the reception. (Yes...he was actually waiting there when we arrived).

Their oculo-visual assessment revealed that I have functional vision, and my fine detail vision has developed as per the normal range.

My left eye is favored for most tasks and my tracking abilities appear to be more accurate in upward and left gazes.

I do fixate on objects with the central part of my vision, indicating that the most sensitive part of my vision has developed normally so far. I do only view with one eye at a time and mostly favor looking at things with my left eye. My left eye will occasionally turn inward when my right eye views, and my right eye will occasionally turn upward when my left eye views.

Refraction revealed that I am nearsighted in both eyes. The refractive error was 2.50D. This means the clearest vision for me is within 40cm from my eyes. But, I do not need glasses at this time, they will re-evaluate me at 3 years old.

Lastly, they tested me using the Teller Acuity Cards for my visual acuity (fine detail). I was told the normal range at my age is 20/270 to 20/70. My measurements were 20/90 with both eye's viewing. Which is great!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Can you believe I slept through the WHOLE parade

Our neighbour's cool witch

Walking in the leaves at Grandma's house

My outfit said "Hair-Wolf." The picture on it looks like my regular hairdo

My Cousin Oliva (the cat) at the parade.

My cousin Owen as Darth Vader
Last night was my second Halloween. We went to the town of Ridgeway where my Grandma, my Auntie and my cousin's live to watch the Halloween parade. Every Halloween the kids at the public school walk downtown to show off their great costumes to everyone. It is so fun. People come and give out candy. My mommy loves to go and told me that she had so much fun in the parade when she was little.
I would love to tell you it was the best Halloween parade I've ever been to but......I slept the whole time!!!!!
After the parade I went to my grandma's house and walked around in the leaves. My Mommy thought it would be nice to get some fall pictures of me lying in the leaves but I was not cooperating. You see I am quite sensory defensive about touching leaves, grass, or pretty much anything I think feels weird.
Later we went home and handed out candy to the trick or treaters. I had fun because of our neighbours had some pretty cool lights and decorations.
I can't wait until next year!!!!!

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