Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Can you believe I slept through the WHOLE parade

Our neighbour's cool witch

Walking in the leaves at Grandma's house

My outfit said "Hair-Wolf." The picture on it looks like my regular hairdo

My Cousin Oliva (the cat) at the parade.

My cousin Owen as Darth Vader
Last night was my second Halloween. We went to the town of Ridgeway where my Grandma, my Auntie and my cousin's live to watch the Halloween parade. Every Halloween the kids at the public school walk downtown to show off their great costumes to everyone. It is so fun. People come and give out candy. My mommy loves to go and told me that she had so much fun in the parade when she was little.
I would love to tell you it was the best Halloween parade I've ever been to but......I slept the whole time!!!!!
After the parade I went to my grandma's house and walked around in the leaves. My Mommy thought it would be nice to get some fall pictures of me lying in the leaves but I was not cooperating. You see I am quite sensory defensive about touching leaves, grass, or pretty much anything I think feels weird.
Later we went home and handed out candy to the trick or treaters. I had fun because of our neighbours had some pretty cool lights and decorations.
I can't wait until next year!!!!!


Unknown said...

Oh my Pretty Little Princess,I have to let you know you are my favorite Princess in the whole world and I love you, love you,very much. Now with that said let's talk about your Halloween day.
I'm sorry you miss the parade, however, it is really nice to see you walking with Mommy in Grandma's back yard and paying close attention to the "Halloween Witch"
Next year you might watch the whole parade, run around in the back yard and who knows what you costume might be!!! I know, I believe it might be something scary like a Witch!!
I love you my sweetheart. Please let Mommy and Daddy give you a big,big hug and lots of sloppy kisses for Opa and Me.
Bye for now, Aage.

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