Saturday, November 15, 2008

Morning Surprise!!

This morning, my Mommy woke up to a really strange sound, me yelling. I wasn't crying or upset, just babbling like normal only really, REALLY loud. My Mommy ran in my room to see what was going on and this is what she saw:

"Good Morning Mommy...look what I can do!!"

"Oh great.... mommy's taking a photo while I have bed-head"

She couldn't believe it!!! She has been waiting forever to walk into my room and have me standing there waiting to greet her "Good morning." Today it happened! I was just "yelling" at her to come and see me. When my mommy saw me she started screaming for my Daddy to wake up and come quick, who had a small heart attack until he saw why Mommy was yelling for him. It was all very exciting!!!


Unknown said...

Hello there my Princess, just wanted you to know you Opa and I love what we see. It is wonderful to know you can do this all by yourself and for us to be able to see you-Our Very Pretty Prince- keep up the good work. I know your Mommy and Daddy is very, very happy right now.
We love you a lot Princess, your Mommy and Daddy will give you a big hug and lots of sloppy kisses for us.
Bye for now, Opa and Aage.

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