Thursday, August 6, 2009


From the very start of my first physiotherapy appointment I screamed from start to finish. No matter what I did there, I was completely unhappy and unmotivated. I will do the same thing at home and on my own terms with no argument but not at the my appointments and not when being made to do it!! After almost 2 years of this Mommy and our PT have become very frustrated. About 3 weeks ago we introduced Picture Cards into the mix (thanks to our wonderful Speech therapist) and have added tactile supplements to them as needed. Mommy also started doing this at home.

Well.... we just got back from out appointment today and it was a great SUCCESS!! I used the walker (we are starting with this walker until I feel more secure to use the one that goes behind me...I'm not sure of the proper name) and rode the tricycle without crying. I actually even enjoyed it and looked around at all the murals on the wall. Mommy and my PT ( Who is fabulous by the way!!) are so excited with this progress:

Using the walker

Picture card my Mommy made using free program
(Thanks to Naill Brown's website for the instructions)
And here is a video of me riding the tricycle....Sorry about the lopsided post. I didn't know how to fix it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Possible Hacker?

Hmmm.... Mommy and I came home to find this guilty looking friend of mine.

She claims she was just researching the newest dog treats and checking out pictures of my Auntie Danielle's new puppy but I think something fishy is going on here... I will have to keep a close eye on her from now on.

** It has been 3 days now on antibiotics any my random crying has stopped. Mommy is very happy that I am feeling better. She thinks it was an ear infection (I get them quite a bit) but can't know for sure.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Birthday, Parker, and Quick Update

Hello everyone. I am very sorry for the lack of updates. The first reason (and most upsetting) is that the hard drive on our laptop broke and we had to wait to get it back. Sadly, Mommy was not very smart and did not back up a lot of pictures that were on there so we lost quite a few pictures and videos. Also all our pictures of baby Evan. Mommy has definitely learned her lesson!!

The second reason for the delay was that Mommy and Daddy went to the CHARGE Conference. It was WONDERFUL!!! They met so many families and cannot wait until 2011 for the next one. Their only regret was that they did not take me, so I am also excited to get to attend the next conference!

The last reason for the delay was that we were busy celebrating my 2nd birthday. Yep..that's right I am now 2 years old!! My Aunts and Uncles came over this weekend to celebrate and it was fun. Check out how cute my cousin Parker is while playing with Sally and blowing bubbles!! I spent most of the day hanging out inside because I'm not feeling quite right and I keep having weird bouts of random crying? However Parker was very nice to hand me a toy or remote control (a favorite of mine) when ever he noticed me empty handed.

Thank goodness for NO-Spill bubbles.

Isn't he super cute?

Mommy and Daddy attempted to make me taste icing. I didn't cry but I wasn't begging for seconds either...

Ahhhh.... fast asleep after a long day!! My Mommy is not sure what is wrong with me lately but something is not quite right. Several times throughout the day (and night) I just start crying for no reason. My regular pediatrician is away for a few weeks so Mommy took me to another Doctor. He could not see anything causing the crying episodes but it is very unlike me to cry ALL day. We have a prescription of antibiotic at the pharmacy on hold so I think Mommy and Daddy will give it a try just in case. Many times other Dr's have said I am fine but when we finally get to go to the pediatrician she says it's an ear maybe this time it is the same. Wish me luck
PS: I, like many other CHARGErs, have trouble sleeping though the night and LOVE to have little night parties. We are considering getting a weighted blanket. If anyone reading this has used one could you please let us know how it work for you. Thanks :)

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