Monday, August 3, 2009

Birthday, Parker, and Quick Update

Hello everyone. I am very sorry for the lack of updates. The first reason (and most upsetting) is that the hard drive on our laptop broke and we had to wait to get it back. Sadly, Mommy was not very smart and did not back up a lot of pictures that were on there so we lost quite a few pictures and videos. Also all our pictures of baby Evan. Mommy has definitely learned her lesson!!

The second reason for the delay was that Mommy and Daddy went to the CHARGE Conference. It was WONDERFUL!!! They met so many families and cannot wait until 2011 for the next one. Their only regret was that they did not take me, so I am also excited to get to attend the next conference!

The last reason for the delay was that we were busy celebrating my 2nd birthday. Yep..that's right I am now 2 years old!! My Aunts and Uncles came over this weekend to celebrate and it was fun. Check out how cute my cousin Parker is while playing with Sally and blowing bubbles!! I spent most of the day hanging out inside because I'm not feeling quite right and I keep having weird bouts of random crying? However Parker was very nice to hand me a toy or remote control (a favorite of mine) when ever he noticed me empty handed.

Thank goodness for NO-Spill bubbles.

Isn't he super cute?

Mommy and Daddy attempted to make me taste icing. I didn't cry but I wasn't begging for seconds either...

Ahhhh.... fast asleep after a long day!! My Mommy is not sure what is wrong with me lately but something is not quite right. Several times throughout the day (and night) I just start crying for no reason. My regular pediatrician is away for a few weeks so Mommy took me to another Doctor. He could not see anything causing the crying episodes but it is very unlike me to cry ALL day. We have a prescription of antibiotic at the pharmacy on hold so I think Mommy and Daddy will give it a try just in case. Many times other Dr's have said I am fine but when we finally get to go to the pediatrician she says it's an ear maybe this time it is the same. Wish me luck
PS: I, like many other CHARGErs, have trouble sleeping though the night and LOVE to have little night parties. We are considering getting a weighted blanket. If anyone reading this has used one could you please let us know how it work for you. Thanks :)


Eva Nichole said...

I am glad to see you made it home safely and it was nice meeting you at the conference, I wish we had more time to talk, maybe in 2 years we can all meet up and meet the mouse together!!
Evie I hope you feel better soon and Happy Birthday!!
crystal and Eva

Kristi said...

Happy Belated 2nd Birthday, Evie!
Wow! Two already! :-)

So sorry to hear about your hard drive, Heather.
So glad, though, that you were able to attend the conference. This is the first one we've missed and we are so bummed. It's an amazing experience... so powerful and emotional on so many levels.
Hope to meet you in Orlando in 2011!

About the random crying... so many things that can be culprits with our kids. Ears are always my first suspicion. Others revolve around pain and anxiety... Have you tried venting her tummy? Do you get anything when doing that? Extra air? Any residual? Any mucous or other irregular stomach contents?
Has there been a big disruption in her routine? Is she getting her two-year molars? I could go on... but those are the big ones that I'd run down to start.
As for the night parties... we've tried everything over five of Gracie's six years! BUT please don't let that discourage you! So many others have found solutions... through various meds, mineral supplements, diet, etc. Gracie won't stay under a weighted blanket (or any blanket!), though I do know of others on the listserv who've had success... try looking in the archives, perhaps.

Finally... I love the pic of Evie eating while sound asleep. I know she's tired and not feeling well (that's definitely not the part I love!) - - she just reminds me so much of Gracie in that shot... legs crossed (such a common posturing for our kids!), mouth open, leaned over. That chair is cool, too. Wish we'd had something like that when Gracie was smaller!

(Okay... I wrote a NOVEL... sorry!)

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