Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hair 101

As you may already know, I have a crazy head of hair. I absolutely hate it when my Mommy combs it. It gets very tangled and there is a really rough patch in the back that matts all up as soon as i lie down. It has caused many tears for me and my Mommy. Well.... after many trail and errors we now have a pretty good system of combing it out:

First: My hair gets shampooed, then I get to use mommy's big girl curly hair conditioner, rinse, then I get conditioned again, before rinsing we comb it out with a really wide tooth comb while still covered in conditioner and very wet. Then we are all done. I get my hair patted dry after the tub and Voila!!

Big..... Crazy....

Tangle Free... Curly Hair (With much less tears!!)


Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Evie, I absolutely LOVE your curly hair!!! Katie has some curls (she had more when she was younger), but not as many as you. I'd love to have some of your curls--my hair is super-straight without an ounce of body! Would you share some with me?

Leslie & Katie

Cathy said...

Beautiful hair on a beautiful girl. Mine was curly like that when I was a little girl and I always cried if Mommy combed it out. We found some spray called "No More Tangles" and that worked great! BUT I really liked it better if my DADDY combed it...he was gentle!

Kristi said...

Miss Evie... I LOVE your curls! They are so cute! I don't blame you for not liking your hair combed out... looks like a lot of work for your mommy and a lot of patience and tolerance for you!
Thinking of your baby brother and hoping he stays put and gets nice and healthy, big and strong before he is born.

Oh... and love your pedicure, too! Gracie likes her toes done, too! She signs "red" and points to her feet sometimes!

Amy said...

I love that curly hair, Missy! Gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Hello Princess, just wanted to let you know I am happy Mommy figured out a way to keep the beautiful curls with less tears from you. Big high five for Mommy she always comes up with great ideas to keep you happy. I would like for you to give Mommy a Big Hug for me and tell her I love her.
Have a good night my Little Princess. I know Mommy and Daddy with give you hugs and kisses from me. Love you, Aage.

The Claytons said...

Such beautiful curly hair but I completely understand the tangling! Christopher has beautiful curly hair but very hard to brush (because he doesn't want me to). If I had it my way he would have short hair all the time but I listen to everyone talk about his beautiful curls and I leave it alone. Glad that mommy has found a solution to grooming your beautiful hair :O)


Unknown said...

Hello Princess, Just wanted to say I love you and I reallllly, reallllly, wish if I could give you lots of Hugs and Kisses right now.
Love you, Aage.

anna said...

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