Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fun in the Shade

I have been a sick girl lately. I have a sinus infection and an inner ear infection. Mommy says I am one big runny nose. I had a pretty quiet weekend so Mommy decided that we would play outside on Monday. It was really nice out and she wanted to get some yard work done. Of course, I don't like the sun very much so we had some fun in the shade instead.

Now normally I do not like the outside very much, however, after a few moments of crying i really started to like it out here. Mommy could even hear me giggling to myself while she was working in the garden. (Although..... I refused to put my feet on the blanket the whole time?)

Mommy even gave me a little pedicure because I like the polish on her toes so much. I would look at her toes curiously...then look at mine.... then hers... then mine... yep they are the same colour. I had to make sure!!!
Baby Update: Well we are still taking it week by week. For all those who are unaware, we are having a baby boy who will be called Evan Henry. Mommy has very low fluid and is only 23 weeks today so she has been told he will probably be coming quite soon. We are hoping for at least 28 weeks. His heart is still not better from the Twin to Twin Transfusion..we were told that this would take time to get better. So hopefully he can stay put for a while!!! Good news is that his bladder is much better!!!


amy @ switz~art said...

little man twin better stay put!

so happy to hear you're loving te great outdoors, evie! happy spring, happy girl!

The Claytons said...

Glad to hear that your baby brothers bladder is doing much better and sending prayers your way that he stays put for as long as he can stay put! Looks like you had a lot of fun outside and mommy got to get some gardening done :)


Ruby said...

Hello my Pretty Toes Princess, I love the color on your little tootsie!!! Your Mommy always pick pretty colors I just love it my Princess and I am very happy that you are now enjoying the outdoors. I know you, Mommy, Daddy and Sally will have lots of fun out there while waiting for Little Mr. Evan to arrive.

I love all of you my Princess. Please ask you Mommy and Daddy to give you a Big Hug and Sloppy Kiss for me. Aage.

Ruby said...

Hello my Little Princess, just wanted to see your pretty face and tell you how much I love you. Wish if I could give you lots of Big Hugs and Sloppy Kisses righhht now!!! Love you Princess, Aage.

anna said...

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