Saturday, May 16, 2009

Out of Commision

Hello Folks,
Sorry for the lack of posts. Mommy's water has broke (25 weeks) and she has to spend the rest of her pregnancy at the hospital. We are trying to work out all of the details for visits and childcare. Right now it looks as if Daddy and Aage are renting a suite in Toronto down the street from Mommy's hospital. The baby also has pulmonary stenosis (sic?) so he will need that dealt with when he delivers...however the cardiologist can't fix it until at least 30-32 weeks at best. Were not sure if labour can hold off that long but miracles do happen.

I will update soon.
Lots of love,


hannah m said...

Heather - I am holding you so, so close in my thoughts and prayers. I am so sad to read this news - but I absolutely know miracles happen and that the most fragile babies are often the most resilient and STRONG! I wish I lived closer so I could drop off some cupcakes and US Weeklys (if you like that kind of thing - they are my go-to comforts when I want to keep my mind busy!)

With love, hope and faith -

Lisa W. said...

Heather, I just heard about this. My friend just went through this, almost with identical dates (water broke @ 25 wks, in hosp. on bed rest etc...) I will hold you all in my thoughts. Lots of love,
Lisa, Kennedy, & Graeme Weir

The Claytons said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and miracles definitely happen!

Keeping you and your baby in my prayers,


Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Heather, I'm sorry to hear that your water broke so soon and you are in the hospital. I'm sure you and your baby are in great care, though, so I am sending good thoughts and prayers your way.


Eva Nichole said...

I have you all in my thoughts and prayers, I hope everything goes well and you all can hold your sweet baby as close to fulterm as you can hold out.
Crystal and Eva

anna said...

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