Saturday, July 19, 2008

Getting Better at Sitting

Nothing new has been happening around here lately. I've been a pretty sick kiddo. I am starting to feel better. How do you like my new toy. I love sitting with it but I don't like when my mommy makes me stand with it. She is hoping that this toy will help me start to walk a little. Oh.. guess what else? I am officially creeping!! Yep!!! ME. I still move pretty slow but I getting quicker every day. My mommy and daddy are so excited but think it is weird that they finally have to baby proof.


Grammazoo said...

Wow! Look at you, Evie! I can't wait until my next visit to see you crawling. Way to go! I hope you are feeling better soon, too.
xxoo Grammazoo

Ruby said...

Oh my Princess, you are a Big Princess now not a Little One. You were such a delicate little thing when you made your grand entrance into this world of ours. Keep up the good work my Princess I know it is hard sometimes but you are a true fighter Princss because two weeks ago when your Opa and I left there you were sick now you are crawling and sitting up by yourself. I am very proud of you my sweetheart and just letting you know you will always be my Little Princess dosent matter how big you are. Please ask Mommy and Daddy to give you big hugs and lots of sloppy kisses for me.
Love always, Aage.

ellen charge said...

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Anonymous said...

All I see in this picture of Evie pushing a walker is Gramma is it ever her. She is doing so great movng around, Heath you are awesome at the MOM thing :)

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