Tuesday, July 29, 2008

1st Birthday Picture Post

I can't believe it has been a whole year already!!! My birthday weekend was so much fun. On Friday I went to visit my friend Victoria. She also has Charge Syndrome and is super cute. Her mommy also helps my mommy a lot with all kinds of information.
On Saturday my cousin Owen camew for a sleepover and so did Aunt Danni, Uncle Brad and my cousin Parker. On Sunday and Monday I had many visitors to celebrate.
Thank you everyone for making my first birthday wonderful!!!


Grammazoo said...

Happy First birthday, Eve!! I hope you had fun with all your little friends! Have you tried your new pop-up toy yet? I'll be over to see you soon! xxoo

Ruby said...

Hello my Princess, I hope you have had enough time to recover after your very busy birthday weekend. Having that many people to help you celebrate is just a little reminder of how much you are loved, and I love the pretty cupcakes your Mommy is a good artist!! Enjoy all of your presents I know you have some fun things to play with.
Please ask Mommy and Daddy to give you a big hug and lots of sloppy kisses from me. I love you my little Princess, Aage.

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