Saturday, May 23, 2009

Drumstick Tales

Hello Everybody!!! This week I had many adventures. I went to stay in Toronto with my Daddy and Aage at a hotel down the street from Mommy's hospital. I am a little sick now and sadly.... I lost my hearing aid. Uuugh!!! I know, Mommy is really sad. It is strange how quiet I have become just after 1 week.

Now I did not take this adventure in the big city alone. I had my trusty Drumstick with me. I now take it everywhere. ( I actually have 2 but I like this one) Mommy thinks it is super funny that I take it everywhere. Some kids have Teddys, some have drumsticks.

Here is me playing on the floor with it.

I take it in my stroller for all my walks

Daddy says in this picture I am signing Mommy while holding it. Mommy thinks that is wishful thinking.
I am now back in the comfort of my own home but far far away from my Mommy. Mommy is sooooooo sad. It has taken her a few tries to write this because she keeps crying. She has never been away from me for so long.
Mommy is doing ok. Daddy and her are hoping for the best, but the best means at least 4+ more weeks in the hospital. Maybe Daddy and I can rent small place in Toronto if it gets to be too long. I will keep you posted.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Out of Commision

Hello Folks,
Sorry for the lack of posts. Mommy's water has broke (25 weeks) and she has to spend the rest of her pregnancy at the hospital. We are trying to work out all of the details for visits and childcare. Right now it looks as if Daddy and Aage are renting a suite in Toronto down the street from Mommy's hospital. The baby also has pulmonary stenosis (sic?) so he will need that dealt with when he delivers...however the cardiologist can't fix it until at least 30-32 weeks at best. Were not sure if labour can hold off that long but miracles do happen.

I will update soon.
Lots of love,

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