Monday, March 2, 2009

Update on the Twins

Hello Everyone,
My mommy went for another ultrasound and we wanted to post the pictures for our friends and family to see. We now know that they are identical twin boys. They believe that Twin B has a Lower Urinary Track Obstruction (LUTO). You can see how very large the bladder is in the picture below.
The doctors are not sure what the outcome will be and we may have to place a temporary shunt in the baby to allow for the kidneys to grow, then if possible Twin B will have a surgery when born to fix the obstruction. We hope this is possible, if not, we do not know what will happen. Twin A is doing well and they are both growing well. Right now my mommy is hoping for the best as she cannot imagine more NICU, more Doctor's, more scary times. She is quite lucky that I am such a good girl and I make her laugh all the time!! Sometimes I start giggling sooo much for no reason and this really makes her feel better.


hannah m said...

Hi Heather, I join you in hoping for and believing that the twins will continue growing healthfully, and that Twin B's LUTO will be able to be healed with the help of surgery. Thinking of you!

I am so happy to know your little Evie keeps you laughing! She is such a cutie, sweet girl!

Crystal M. said...

I will keep the twins in my thoughts and prayers.
Crystal and Eva

Kristi said...

Keeping you and the twins close in thought as you prepare for what's to come for Twin B's health.
Big hugs to Miss Evie who clearly knows what kind of medicine mommy needs during her pregnancy... laughter and smiles!
Smart, sweet girl!

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