Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday Aage

I just wanted to take this moment to say a BIG Happy Birthday to my Aage. Lots of hugs and big SLOPPY kisses. I miss you and can't wait until you come visit again.
Your Little Princess Evie
PS: The house still smells of your yummy curry :)


Grammazoo said...

Hello Evie ! Please wish your Aage big "Happy Birthday!" from me too ! You are lucky to have such a pretty Aage that she could pass for an auntie, and she cooks such wonderful food too! ( The polari was devine, as usual Ruby! Thanks for sending some to Olivia's party!)

Unknown said...

Hello my little Princess, thank you for all the Big Hugs and Sloppy Kisses. I really miss you my Princess, can't wait to see you again.
Tell Mommy and Daddy I love them and give them a few Sloppy Kisses for me.
Love you Princess, bye for now.

Unknown said...

Hope your Aage had a great birthday Evie. Will we see you in Chicago at the CHARGE conference this summer? I hope would love to meet you guys, always nice to have more Canadian families!!

Unknown said...

Hello there my Little Princess, it's been a long time since I had a Big Hug and some Sloppy Kisses, today I am longing for some of those from my cute Princess I do wish if I could give you a Biggggg Hug right now.
Love you very much my Princess. Please ask Mommy and Daddy to give you that Hug and Sloppy Kiss for me. Bye for now, Aage.

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