Thursday, December 18, 2008

Couch Potato

"Don't I look so innocent"

For those who are not aware of this, I LOVE to sit or lay on the couch. I am a bona fide couch potato. I am always trying to stand up against it and then try to get someone to give in and lift me up onto it. These tactics may include looking very cute in someone's direction, or if if all else fails, crying loudly until someone gives in.

Well, the other day my Mommy went to get my meal ready and guess what she saw when she walked back into the living room?? Yep.... Me on the couch with my buddy Sally!!! (Mommy knew it was too quiet in the other room) Now I can climb up there all by myself. The big problem is I can not get down and I like to roll and play all over it, so Mommy can't let me out of her sight now.


Unknown said...

Evie - you are adorable! I can't believe I haven't been here before. Can we add you to Kennedy's friends' list?

hannah m said...

Miss Eve, you are such a mover and a groover! I love it! What a sweetheart you are.

Grammazoo said...

Good for you Evie! You are really getting around now! Sally looks happy to be sharing the couch with you. See you soon for Christmas! xxoo

Kristi said...

Oh my goodness, Evie, you are too cute and I can't believe that this is my first visit to your fabulous blog!
Can we add you to our friends list?

Crystal M. said...

That is so great, what a wonderful milestone. Its funny how we get so much more excited when our CHARGErs do things then the "normal" child would.
Keep up the great work Evie!!
Crystal and Eva

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