Sunday, February 21, 2010

New walker

A few weeks ago I received my brand new walker. I just love it!!! I am not so great at steering it at the moment so mommy got them to order a bar in the back to help me steer when needed (like on a toddler's bike.) I was so excited to walk in to my class with it and all of the kids were really interested with it. I am the only kid with special needs in my class and all my classmates are so great!!


Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Evie, I was so excited to see this picture of you with your new walker! How exciting!! You are getting to be such a big girl!

Love your homemade Valentine's too! So cute!! Katie and I may have to steal your idea for next year! :-)

Crystal M. said...

Great job Evie, you are getting so big!! Sorry I have missed your posts very busy this last month.
Keep it up princess!!
Crystal and Eva

hannah m said...

I hope you guys are doing well! Evie, you look so grown up steering your walker! How exciting. Hoping you guys are enjoying a beautiful summer.

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