Sunday, February 21, 2010

New walker

A few weeks ago I received my brand new walker. I just love it!!! I am not so great at steering it at the moment so mommy got them to order a bar in the back to help me steer when needed (like on a toddler's bike.) I was so excited to walk in to my class with it and all of the kids were really interested with it. I am the only kid with special needs in my class and all my classmates are so great!!

Valentine's Day

Hello Everyone. I have not been able to update for quite a long time. We have been very busy this year so far. I have started preschool and was very excited to participate in the Valentine's Day celebration. We made our Valentine's this year because my Mommy would like me to understand crafts. At school I do not participate willingly at craft time and it is something we would really like to see improve.

Also, this year was my very first haircut at a real big girl salon!! My hair was getting so long and I really was not enjoying the process of combing it out everyday (really... why my Mom insisted on it, I have no idea?) I wish I could post a super cute picture of me there. I was sitting in a cute pink hummer salon chair and zebra stripe cape. However.... my behavior was a little ... temper-mental. Mommy does have pictures of the occasion, I am just crying in most of them. (Mommy said the hairdresser was a saint and really earner her money that day) Hopefully I will come to enjoy the moment in the future.
Lastly, This Valentine's day was also my Mommy and Daddy's 5th wedding anniversary. As usual, they kept it simple and just ate a delicious heart shaped pizza for diner. They started this tradition the first year I was born and was in the hospital that year's Valentine's day and have ordered one every year since. Simple yet Yummy!!

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