Thursday, October 22, 2009

"It's Going To Be That Kind of Season..."

Those are the exact words my pediatrician said to Mommy today about how I have the flu... again. "It's going to be that kind of season." Mommy, Daddy and I all have it. However, I'm doing just great with it. My O2 saturation is good and even though I have a very runny nose, cough, fever ect... I feel fantastic and am my giggly little self. Mommy and Daddy however, are two very big babies (in my opinion) who are living on chicken noodle soup and tea. Also, the Doctor would like me to go to see my ENT because she believes he may recommend we put tubes in my ears.

As you can see from the picture above, I am loving some serious "rough house" time with Daddy . Being upside-down is my favorite and I will ask for it all the time. I do this by half flipping myself in your lap. Just beware, even if you don't know me well I'll still try, which may somewhat scare you at first..and leave Mommy to explain why I'm doing a half somersault in your lap and giggling while trying to kick my feet in your face. Aren't we kiddos fun!


hannah m said...

I love that Eve is still her sweet chipper self...but I am so sorry you all have the flu. Have fun with your upside down tricks, Evie!

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Sorry you all have the flu! Hope you feel better soon!

Kristi said...

Ugh... the flu! Sorry to hear you all have it! Glad Miss Evie is still her chipper, flipping upside down self!

Hope you all feel better soon!

(Gracie likes to be upside down, too! She will often purposely hang halfway off her bed, the couch or a step. Hmmm... wonder if that's related to their vestibular systems? Or, maybe they are just silly!!!)

The Claytons said...

Hope you all feel better real soon!

Ruby said...

Hello my Pretty Princess, have a little story to tell you about Opa.
Today he heard me on the phone telling someone that I have to go on your site to see all of your updates and pictures. Well a few minutes ago I told him I was going to see what my Princess has been up to since I last saw her (and guess what!!!) your OPA beat me to it. Before I was finished from the phone your OPA saw all the UPDATES and he was happy about it because he can tell me everything that is happening with Little Miss (Princess) Evie, so I would like you to scold your OPA, and Please keep this complain in your Diary forever so when we want to talk about OPA being naughty we have proof of it!!!
OOOOOH my Princess, it is wonderful to see you if you have the flu or not and it is a joy knowing you are a big part of what I think of as the most important people in my life.
Your OPA and I love you very, very, much Princess.
Please ask Mommy and Daddy to give you lots of Big Hugs and Kissed for us.
Love, Aage.

Crystal M. said...

Sorry you are all not feeling well and I hope its all over soon.
Crystal and Eva

anna said...

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