Thursday, June 25, 2009

All Smiles

Hello everyone. This is a picture that Daddy sent to Mommy when she was in the hospital. She would look at it several times a day and it would always make her laugh. Although I giggle and smile all the time, it is rare to get a picture of me smiling. In fact this is the only one!!
Things are getting back to "normal" around here (whatever that is?) and my Aage has gone home to Tennessee. Thank you for being such a great help!!! I don't have very much to post put here are a few highlights of the past few weeks:

-Congrats to Auntie Danielle and Uncle Brad on there new baby boy Peyton :)
-Mommy and Daddy have decided to attend the CHARGE Conference in Chicago this July. They originally did not think that they would be able to go but now are very excited!!
-Today was my last day of Stepping Stones. Yep I graduated!!!

Thank you all for your wonderful messages.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Evan Henry Ali

On May 30th 2009 Evan Henry Ali was born at 27 weeks + 3 days gestation. He passed peacefully 6 hours later due to lung and heart complications.

Thank you to everyone for there love and support during these past few trying months.

Mommy is fine and resting (and is finally home thank goodness).

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