Monday, January 19, 2009

Things I Love

I really love all my books!!
The picture of the red cat and bird is my favorite!!

This is my ladybug. It create tons of stars all over my room at night. Going to sleep wouldn't be the same without it.

My rubber duckie. My Mommy was so excited when she found this. It lights up with all different colours when it is placed in a warm bath. My favorite bath toy!

This toy is soooo fun! I just love when the bear dances. It is the first toy I started to stand with just so I could see that silly bear dance.


Grammazoo said...

You have some wonderful things there Miss Evie! It's no wonder that you love books so much - your Mommy & Daddy do too! I just adore your ladybug! Sometime you will have to show me your room full of stars; it must be awfully pretty! It's nice of you to show us all your special things! xxoo

Lisa W. said...

I'm so glad you love books! Keep on reading and reading and reading!!!

Also, what is the name of your teddy bear toy? I think my granddaughter might like something like that!

hannah m said...

Eve, you and my Vivian would have so much fun together - you both love books, love the color red and love your rubber duckies!

I love that ladybug - I almost bought Vivian the sea turtle night light like it - maybe I still will :).

Little Miss Evie, you're such a cutie!

Switz-Art said...

I love all of your favourite things! I especially love your ladybug!

Please tell your mummy that she is officially entered into the secret giveaway!

Eva Nichole said...

Eva would love all your toys, she has some of those books also she loves to look at the bright pages. And the lady bug is awsome I have been looking for one for Eva for the longest time.
Crystal and Eva

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