Monday, October 20, 2008

First Day of Swimming Class

I really liked the rubber duckie

My Mommy was trying to teach me to splash but I didn't like it too much

No matter what I do or where I go. My fingers are all ways a source of entertainment!!

Today was my very first day of swimming class. I think I did pretty good. I was a little nervous of letting go of my mommy but then the swimming instructor gave us some fun duckies to play with. I did go under the water ONCE. Trust me......once was enough!!!! The class was only 1/2 hour long and I think that is long enough for me. I started to get a little bored at the end. The instructor wants us to blow bubbles in the water with our mouths and kick with our legs but I think I'll just take me time and enjoy the water by relaxing in my Mommy's arms.


Hello Everyone,

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Here are some pictures of my fun weekend:

Me and my Daddy

My Auntie Alea tickling me. :)

My Aage and Opa came all the way from Tennessee to visit me

I really wanted to see what Opa had in that pretty glass but he said I was way too young!

I really miss everyone. Mommy says Halloween is just around the corner and I'm pretty excited

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