Friday, September 26, 2008

Shoulder Woes

Clapping other people's hands together is now my new favorite pastime!!

Hello Everyone!!!

I have been slacking in posting on here but I wanted to give you a quick update. I injured my shoulder 2 weeks ago. No one is quite sure how it happened but I wouldn't crawl or pull myself up to a stand. I love walking with mommy holding on to me and I couldn't do that either. It has gotten a little better. I am now crawling around again but I still won't pull myself up or walk with mommy. We had a x-ray taken but it showed nothing so for now it's a mystery??

I start swimming class on Oct. 20. I don't know if my mom is more scared of me in the water or her in a bathing suit post baby :)

I also am getting an FM system which is great!!! For those who are unaware of what that does, it allows mommy to wear a mic on her and it goes directly into my hearing aid no matter where she is in the house. Because of this it helps with blocking out background noises when she is talking to me. My audiologist thinks this will be great for me.


Grammazoo said...

Oh Evie, I hope you are feeling better soon. You might have pulled a muscle or torn a ligament in your shoulder. Those sometimes take longer to heal than a dislocation or a break so I am sure you will know when to start pushing your limits again!
Have fun swimming! Your Mummy took lessons as a baby too and I was much more nervous than she was...

Ruby said...

Hello my Princess, I know you will have fun learning to swim and eventually become a great swimmer. As for your Mommy, well, she will always be a Mommy and they usually worry about their babies but I know she will have fun with you. Maybe when you become a big, bigggg, girl you will be able to give me some swimming lessons I'll still be young enough to learn!!! Bye for now my Princess. Love you, Aage.

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