Monday, August 18, 2008

Me and My Daddy

My Mommy thinks this picture is funny

I really love my Daddy

Lately I have been working really hard at being happy about wearing my sunglasses. Just the other day I met my Daddy outside when he came home from work while wearing them. I think it's cool how Daddy wears them on top of his head sometimes so Mommy thought I should give it a try!!! What do you guys think?? Does this look work for me????

Friday, August 15, 2008

Funny Games

Me behaving myself
I can now sit using my arms for support for 10 mins

Well I haven't had much time to post lately. My mommy has went back to work part-time AND the Olympics are on. It is Olympic madness here at the Ali household. I like the games so much I decided to make up one of my own. I call it "Fall Backward and Hope Mommy Catches Me". My Mommy is working very hard at getting me to sit without using my arms for support. She creates all sorts of ways for me to practice this (my longest time is 5 seconds). But with all this working I get a little bored so I decided to throw myself back just like I did when I was small (well....smaller than I am now). I just fly backwards and my mommy catches me and I smile and giggle, she tries to sit me up again....and back I go!!! I think this is so much fun and even though my Mommy is not very happy about it she can't help but laugh.

Talk to you soon,


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Let me give you some background on my hearing. I am profoundly deaf in my left ear and severely deaf in my right ear. I do wear a hearing aid in my right ear but I have never shown any signs of hearing anything. I don't ever turn toward loud noises. My intervener rang a cow bell, chimes honked a horn...nothing. But recently my Mom thinks maybe, just maybe something is there. Today she decided to bang a spoon on this measuring cup. Normally I don't sit for long. You really have to keep me interested to get me to sit over 5 mins. The only time I did it was with my physio therapist and I was really interested in this flashing mickey mouse light.

Well.....I loved my mommy banging the spoon. Every time she stopped I would cry because I wanted more. So mommy thought could this just be that I liked watching the spoon hit the cup OR can I actually hear it?? Mommy then banged them off the floor (just incase I just liked vibrations) when I wasn't looking....I turned..EUREKA!!! Could I actually be hearing this?? I hope so.

***Warning*** This video contains me with a really runny nose. As you may know my nose always runs but my mommy can't bang the cup, record the video and wipe the nose all at the same time. Sorry....She wiped it as soon as she stopped recording.

Moving Faster

Well...I am getting faster by the day!!! Soon I'll be crawling on my hands and knees I just know it!!! I do try sometimes but when I need to get to someone fast I still pull myself along.

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