Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Fun

I have found the BEST thing!!! It is shiny, blows cool air on my face when it's hot out, and if you run your fingers over it you hear a really loud noise and it feels funny. Mommy said it's called an air vent. I think it's a fun summer toy.

Lately I have really been playing well outside. Before I would cry for sometime but now I am enjoying the nice weather. The picture above is my reaction to seeing bubbles. It's a new favorite around here.

I even will ride my fire truck on the patio. Although I don't go near the grass. It really scares me.

There is soooo much stuff to see out here. I can't believe I was so scared at first. I am glad it's only July!

Look!!!! I am even smiling and giggling. Mommy LOVES my little chipmunk smile!

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