Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday Aage

I just wanted to take this moment to say a BIG Happy Birthday to my Aage. Lots of hugs and big SLOPPY kisses. I miss you and can't wait until you come visit again.
Your Little Princess Evie
PS: The house still smells of your yummy curry :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Olivia's 6th Birthday

On Sunday March 22nd my cousin Olivia had us to her house for her 6th birthday party. We had a fabulous time!!. I even played with another baby for the very first time. Until now I never paid any attention to other kiddos or babies....It really worried my Mommy...but at the party I spotted a little baby and crawled right up to her to see who she was and what she was playing with. My Mommy was so happy!!!! I even noticed she was wearing socks (which I DO NOT like to wear) I decided to try to pull them off for her :) She'll thank me later!!

Update on the Twins: I am sad to say that not only did the one twin have a bladder obstruction that was very large (LUTO), but they also have developed Twin to Twin Transfusion. This is a complication that occurs in identical twin pregnancies. Unfortunately we could not save the one twin(B) and we now must wait to see how the other Twin will do. Currently because of the TTTS he also has developed a large bladder and fetal hydrops of the heart. Mommy had surgery last week and hopefully that will help Twin A get better. We were also told that after surgery most babies are born 11 weeks later. WHOA!!! that will only make mommy 28 weeks so we are hoping that she will go a little longer :)

Thank you to Aage, Caren, Auntie Alea, Big Daddy aka:my grandpa (yes.. Mommy hates that name), Auntie Robin, Auntie Danie, the BEST nurse Mary, Granmma Zoo, and everyone else who helped this past few weeks.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Update on the Twins

Hello Everyone,
My mommy went for another ultrasound and we wanted to post the pictures for our friends and family to see. We now know that they are identical twin boys. They believe that Twin B has a Lower Urinary Track Obstruction (LUTO). You can see how very large the bladder is in the picture below.
The doctors are not sure what the outcome will be and we may have to place a temporary shunt in the baby to allow for the kidneys to grow, then if possible Twin B will have a surgery when born to fix the obstruction. We hope this is possible, if not, we do not know what will happen. Twin A is doing well and they are both growing well. Right now my mommy is hoping for the best as she cannot imagine more NICU, more Doctor's, more scary times. She is quite lucky that I am such a good girl and I make her laugh all the time!! Sometimes I start giggling sooo much for no reason and this really makes her feel better.

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